Tuesday, January 2, 2007


Heartfelt appreciation to my beloved whiz kid, Denise Fetterly for both her incredible networking as well as technical assistance with this site. With her continual encouragement, patience and generosity above and beyond the call of friendship, she has inspired and helped me in ways she has never realized. I simply could not have lived my life without her. A loving hug to Ginny Michaels for her amazing contributions, not only as a dear and giving friend, but by way of genealogical research and the time and effort it took to locate and photograph family burial plots as well as pertinent landmarks. Because of her, I have been generously gifted with information I never could have had otherwise. Another affectionate hug of gratitude goes to Anne Parisi who first photographed the Freile internment plot as well as attempted to locate the family home. Kind as well as intrepid, her efforts are also treasured. I have been truly blessed by these three and I am forever in their debt.