Saturday, August 13, 2016

~~Blame Not The Author.....Blame The Damned Computer~~

Well, this is most frustrating. July 27th---Ross's 109th natal anniversary---came and went without nary a word from this page. As the "author" of this masterpiece, I take full credit for being the pathetic absentee that I am. I do have a legitimate excuse: my computer had quietly collapsed and refused all beseeching, begging and downright grovelling to no avail. With the benevolent aid and patience of a gifted family member, my computer has been reasonably healed and I have finally been able to get online once again. Nonetheless, here it is...August 13th...and Ross' birthday has quietly slipped away.  I sincerely hope he was celebrated by those of you who are fans and perhaps observed his day with both affection and chocolate cake as this was reportedly his favorite. He was and still remains deserving of remembrance.